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Japanese food can be very simple, such as the amazing street food sold everywhere, especially near temples and gardens. It can also be highly complicated and refined like the traditional multi-course kaiseki meals served in expensive restaurants and inns around the country. They are a joy to the eye and the tummy. Last year, I visited Japan and was really impressed by the variety and quality of food!

I was the most amazed by the care with which the food is presented and garnished. This roundup showcases some of the best Japanese food from the web. There are classics like tonkatsu, gyoza, chicken karaage, yakitori, oboro tofu, mochi, daifuku and less known dishes like matcha nama chocolates, gooey cheese korokke, tsukune and vegetarian ramen with garlic-ginger broth!

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Add to menu. Preparation Milton's method Cook the rice according to the instructions. For the miso soup: Put the instant dashi stock in a pan with the boiling water.

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Add the potato and simmer over medium heat for about six minutes, or until the potato is cooked. Ladle some soup from the pan into a bowl and dissolve the miso in it. Gradually return the miso mixture to the soup. Stir the soup gently but don't let it come to the boil once you've added the miso.

Turn off the heat and add the chopped spring onion. Serve hot in small bowls.

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For the fish: Mix the ginger, spring onion and soy sauce together and pour over the salmon fillets. Leave them to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes. Pour a little boiling water into the grill pan and place the fish on the grill rack above the water this keeps it moist while it grills. Grill the fish under medium to high heat for about minutes on each side, taking care not to overcook it. For the omelette: Combine the eggs, sugar, soy sauce and bonito flakes or instant dashi , if using, and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Heat a little vegetable oil in a small, non-stick frying pan over medium to high heat and add the egg mixture.

Agitate the eggs, using a wooden spoon, so the texture of the omelette remains fluffy. When the eggs are half-cooked, fold the omelette in half, to make a semi-circle, then fold the curving section inwards to form a rectangle, and then fold the ends inwards until you have what looks like a little square package. This creates the distinctive layered effect, called tamagoyaki , characteristic of a Japanese omelette.

Flip the "package" over and cook for a further two minutes. Cut into quarters.

To serve: Japanese etiquette decrees that you place the bowl of rice on your left and the bowl of miso soup on your right. Serve the fish on a separate plate, the pickles in a small bowl, and the omelette on another small plate.

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    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1 Japanese Recipes 1
    Japanese Recipes 1

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